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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
Karen Sardell
I was at Dr Dayani with my grandson. I was worried that it would be painful or my grandson would be scared. Dr Dayani was calm and gentle and helped my grandson relax. His office has entertainment to take the patients mind away from where they are. Read on Healthgrades
very professional and friendly staff would recomend to family and friends Read on Healthgrades
Sarah Bialo-Gurvitsch
I've never been to Dr Dayani prior to this visit, but nevertheless he agreed to fit me in because I was in a tremendous amount of pain (yet this is something my own dentist wouldn't do!). Being that my case was not clear cut, he did multiple test using hot and cold methods followed by very specific questions to determine if and which tooth needed a possible root canal. He took the time to explain the process from beginning to end- from best to worse case scenario. When he completed the root canal, he even took the time to help me find a new dentist/someone who would be able to do my crown when he could've just referred me to his receptionist to help with that. I had a very positive experience with Dr Dayani and if needed (hopefully not) I would definitely come back. Read on Google
Lauren P.
I found Dr. Dayani after a lot of research through my insurance company. There are many scary doctors out there and after reading the reviews I decided to... Read on Dental Insider
Chris O.
My wife and I are from California and a few weeks ago, my dentist had suggested that I get a root canal. I had no symptoms so of course I was in no rush.... Read on Dental Insider
Didn't even have the procedure I went in to have, yet was blown away by Dr. Dayani and his office staff. The staff was extremely helpful, and Dr. Dayani bent over backwards to help me out, going above and beyond anything I would have expected. Read on Dental Insider
Dave A.
Pain free root canal. I couldn't be happier and more relieved with my experience. Read on Dental Insider
Ed W.
Five stars, not because Dr. Dayani did a successful procedure on my teeth -- no, it's better than that. Last week I went to him thinking I'd need root...
Ed Wetschler
Last week I went to Dr. Dayani thinking I'd need root canal work. After spending a surprisingly long time examining my teeth and explaining the x-rays, he said that the evidence is inconclusive. Odds are that I will need root canal, he said, but just in case I don't, he suggested that we wait and see rather than just dive into an expensive procedure. In short, he was thorough and knowledgeable in his diagnosis, communicative with me, and ethical in his conclusions. You can't beat that. Read on Healthgrades
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