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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
Nana C.
I was referred by Dr.Lev to do the root canal retreatment, it was definitely one of the best dental experience I had. Dr. Dayani is very friendly and attentive, treated my tooth very well and it was absolutely no stress almost no pain. The assistant is very nice and the front desk is very friendly as well.The facilities are very new and clean. The music is always relaxing. Highly recommend if anyone needs to do a root canal.
Kay M.
He's the best of the best: Great chair side manner, explains everything carefully and pain-free root canal.
Monick G.
I am really scared to post this review as I don't want this doctor to sue me. I would say that in my opinion it was the worst experience with a doctor I ever had. I also went twice for the same problem, and my tooth still hurts. The experience during the treatment in my opinion was very painful. I do not recommend this doctor.
Chris O.
My wife and I are from California and a few weeks ago, my dentist had suggested that I get a root canal. I had no symptoms so of course I was in no rush....
Lisa Rivera
I have to say, I am so very impressed with this office. From making the appointment to having the procedure done (a total of 2 visits)! The staff is so pleasant and professional and made me feel comfortable right at the door. Then I had the pleasure of being Dr. Dayani's patient! He took the time to explain all of my care options AS WELL AS PAYMENT options which a Dr. doesn't normally do! He worked so carefully with me and was so considerate of the fact that I was extremely nervous. He checks in with you throughout the entire procedure and lets you know that if you want him to stop at any time, just raise your hand! The entire process was much less painful than I thought and something that is normally terrifying for me, was an absolute pleasure. The only downside? my next visit is in 6 months :( Read on Google
Laila K.
Everyone in the office was very pleasant.   Dr. explained everything in detail and checked up on me after the procedure.  I highly recommend him.
Peter B.
I saw Dr. Dayani for a consultation and for a possible root canal therapy (RCT) on a fractured tooth.  Dr. Dayani examined x-rays and probed the affected tooth.  Due to the nature of the fracture, a root canal was not the best long-term treatment in my case.  Dr. Dayani explained why in great detail and even cited current research in Endodontics to support this.  Where some practitioners might rush into a RCT, Dr. Dayani recommended the best long-term approach which was a dental implant.  Incidentally, Dr. Dayani does not perform dental implants in his office, so it was not a case of a practitioner steering the patient to the more expensive treatment.  Dr. Dayani re-cemented a temporary crown after his examination.   Dr. Dayani's assistant, John, was great.  He had an excellent bed-side manner and made me feel comfortable.  The front-desk staff were also very polite and efficient.  I received a follow-up call the following day to see if I was experiencing any discomfort.  Dr. Dayani's office is clean with modern equipment.   Again, although I did not have RCT, I would definitely entrust Dr. Dayani to perform this procedure on me.
Proxy U.
Good bedside manners. Very Informative about the condition and procedure. Up to date modern equipment. Very clean and hygienic facility. friendly staff. The Root Canal Treatment was totally painless and timely. Staff and Doctor follows up.
Xiomara D.
Absolutely positive experience!!! Professionalism, respect and delicate treatment received from all personnel involved (receptionists, assistants and the Doctor - himself). Appropriate follow up procedures in place....I would definitively recommend this office and would be back as needed :-)
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