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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
Dr. dayani is amazing. his bedside manner put me at complete ease on a procedure I previously had. I experienced minimal pain during and after the procedure and was well taken care of including a follow-up call next day to make sure I was ok. this was something I never got from another dentist. would recommend him to everybody I know. Read on DR.Oogle
Pradeep Mehta
Dr. Dayani's professional , mature and caring manner is unmatched. Being a dental professional myself I have respected Dr Dayani's approach to his specialty... Therefore, when my wife needed endodontic therapy, I requested Dr. Dayani's comprehensive, Diagnosis and treatment that we have come to trust!!!! Read on Google
Dave Ackerman
I had to visit Dr. Dayani because my dentist had attempted a root canal and wasn't able to numb my tooth at all. It was definitely the most painful experience of my life and besides the agony I was really scared that I wasn't ever going to be able to go through with the procedure because of the extreme pain. I reached out to Dr. Dayani based on the internet reviews I found and couldn't be happier with my experience there. The office is really nice and his staff really knowledgeable but most importantly, he was able to give me a 100% pain free root canal. I still can't believe that it didn't hurt. The first time I attempted a root canal at my dentist's office it was the worst pain of my life but in Dr. Dayani's office it didn't hurt at all. I give this office my highest possible recommendation and would encourage anyone who needs a root canal to contact Dr. Dayani immediately. Read on Google
Jeremy D.
I had a sudden, massive infection in my jaw due to a tooth that hit its peak the Monday before Thanksgiving. I was in the absolute worst pain and discomfort of my life and every dentist and endodontist I called was booked solid due to the holiday. I found Dr. Dayani's office purely by working my way down the list, and his office was the first to say they could make time for me, and I am so glad I found them. Dr. Dayani was booked solid as well, but they told me they could squeeze me in between procedures at 2pm. Too uncomfortable to sit around at home, I went directly to the office after I got off the phone. I walked in at about 10:30, and within 15 minutes, they had me in a chair getting numbed up and thinking clearly for the first time in days. Despite having an overbooked schedule, Dr. Dayani was patient and thorough, and took extra time to discuss the various options with me. The procedure (a root canal) went smoothly and the aftercare that Dr. Dayani and his staff provided was above and beyond anything that I could have expected. Yes, it was an expensive (VERY expensive) procedure since I did not have insurance, but it was no more expensive than any of the other dental practices that I got quotes from in Manhattan, and was honestly worth every penny. I wish that I hadn't needed Dr. Dayani's services in the first place (seriously, dental infections are no joke and I wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy), but since I did, I don't think I could have been in better hands.
Samantha S.
I came here for a root canal and it was a really great experience. Everyone was really kind and able to help me quickly.
Andrew M.
Another review mentioned this was the best dental experience of their life, and it was the same for me. Dr Dayani and his stellar team performed a painless...
Andrew M.
Another review mentioned this was the best dental experience of their life, and it was the same for me. Dr Dayani and his stellar team performed a painless root canal with the precision of someone that knows exactly what they're doing. The service was impeccable, complete with a courtesy call that he was running 10 mins behind (I wish all Drs offices would do that) and a detailed summary of costs before the procedure began - including what insurance would pay and what I should expect to pay. The team was funny, highly attentive and thoughtful. Overall, the experience was more painless than getting a cavity filled.
Dalla A.
Best dental experience of my life, hands down. Dr. Dayani himself is kind and really takes the time to explain everything and answer questions; when I called the office at 6am after my root canal and left a message he called me back in less than 10 minutes, no lie. The procedure itself was almost 100% painless... if there is such a thing as a "good" root canal experience, this was it. The rest of the staff that I had interactions with is so pleasant and treated me like a person, not a numbered patient. The office is immaculate and they play very soothing music the whole time. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Dayani to anyone.
Dave G.
Real bad experience with this guy. The price I wound up paying was twice as much as he estimated. And he waited till after I was numbed up to tell me I had to pay in full that day. He constantly called me on my cell phone and even bothered my wife at work for payment. I really regret going to him.
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