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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
Anthony Frazzini
the most professional and relaxing dental experience I've had. I literally almost took a nap during my first ever root canal. I highly recommend dr.dayani. Entirely painless. Read on Google
Fortune Chalme
I gave 5 stars, google says it means "loved it" . Really? does anyone "love" getting a root canal? well the truth is though i didn't love it i was very happy with my experience. Dr. Dayani made me feel very comfortable when I was nervous. I felt no pain at all ! and i didn't feel any pain after. I did not get an infection so i happy very because i know that would suck. Office was very nice so was the rest of the staff. I would say I would love to go back but honestly I rather not have to do another root canal. Read on Google
Katie Calautti
I am the poster child for trouble teeth and dental trauma - when I heard the words "root canal" from my dentist, I lost it. So take it from someone who has a panic attack at even the idea of drills, needles, and all the procedure entails: Dr. Dayani is an angel on earth. He's calm, non-judgemental, caring and a consummate professional. I never expected ANY dental experience - let alone a ROOT CANAL - to usher complete and total zen, but there it is. Thank you, Dr. Dayani!!! Read on Google
Sheila H.
I picked Dr. Dayani mainly because of the number of people who had set aside time to write a review.  That says something in itself!  On both occasions that I had to call the office to set up my appointment, I sensed kindness and patience from the girls on the desk in their replies.  When I arrived I received the same attentiveness of care- I even took note that the forms with my name on top had already been laid out ready for my arrival.  As I waited in the exam room to receive my x-rays, I felt especially relaxed in the environment.  The dental assistant was friendly and engaging and put me at ease.  I also appreciate the classical music- its funny how universal it is in how it helps to take away anxiety.  When Dr. Dayani came in I appreciated the time he took to explain what was happening with my tooth.  He used easy to understand examples, and waited to answer any of my questions.  I was nervous about feeling pressured into choosing a procedure that may not be urgent, but Dr Dayani was very honest and fair in his opinion.  He described the condition of my tooth and possible course of treatment (which may or may not be needed) depending on the speed of deterioration (over months- or perhaps years).  His answer was honest and put me at ease and I felt assured that if, and when I need more work done, I know that I have a doctor's office where I feel confident to return.
Jeff Heller
As pleasant an experience one could have at a Dentists office Read on Google
Hamad A.
definitely one of the best doctors in the city. A great bedside personality and explains everything clearly and the assistants are also amazing. If you have a root canal problem or need a retreatment this is the best place.
Jason Leonard
Beautiful office and very helpful, friendly staff. Hoping I don't need to make another visit, for my mouth's sake, but would return to Dr. Dayani if necessary. Read on Google
I had a root canal procedure and it was a great success. The procedure itself was pain free, which was great as I have experienced difficulty in the past getting completely numb. Dr. Dayani agreed to meet with me immediately as it was an emergency and I was out within an hour. I would highly recommend Dr. Dayani to anyone. Read on DR.Oogle
I went in for an emergency root canal and Dr. Dayani met me right away, evaluated me and performed the root canal right away.I could not be any happier with the care I received. His new office is an absolute pleasure and all the staff were very, very nice and comforting. I would highly recommend Dr. Dyani to anyone in the need of a successful treatment. Read on DR.Oogle
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