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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
Smiling Patient
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Smiling Patient
This is the second time I have had to have a root canal and went to Dr. Dayani both times. This last time was an emergency because I was in a lot of pain so he took me in right away and adjusted his schedule, which I very much appreciated. He did a lot of work to save my tooth and at one point thought he might not be able to, but was honest about it. After the second round of antibiotics my infection cleared up and everything is fine now. Read on DR.Oogle
Joe c
I met with Dr. Dayani for a root canal re-treatment for work a previous dentist had done. Dr. Dayani is a very knowledgeable, welcoming, and friendly endodontist who really knows how to treat his patients. He explained the whole procedure to me before and while it was being done an ensured I was in no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Dayani for any endodontic work that has to be done and will be returning for any future procedures. In addition, the staff and reception is very friendly and welcoming, while being on top of scheduling and follow up after the procedure is complete. Thank you Dr. Dayani and staff. Read on DR.Oogle
Very good, technically skilled and sensitive to my condition Read on DR.Oogle
Very detail and knowledgable with latest equipment and finish the work that my normal dentist could not completet. Read on DR.Oogle
Sarah B.
Doctor Dayani was recommended to me by my dentist to assess the possibility of having a complicated retreatment of a root canal. Doctor Dayani and his team (Elizabeth, John and Milena) are all extremely friendly and professional. I was impressed by how nice and calm they were despite being extremely busy. I particularly appreciated the attention Doctor Dayani paid to my questions and how thorough he was in his answers. He was very transparent and really helped me figure out what my options were (retreatment of the root canal and new crown vs. implant) and their likelihood of success. While delivering care, Doctor Dayani showed both great empathy and professionalism. My experience of Doctor Dayani is that he really cares for his patients and is trustworthy.
I was very appreciative of how quickly Dr. Dayani's office was able to accommodate me and successfully treat my pain. Facilities are very modern and clean, faculty are friendly and efficient and Dr. was very knowledgeable and explained my procedure and next steps very clearly. They were very helpful in explaining the insurance/out of pocket costs prior to the visit to manage my expectations. I will be going back for another treatment shortly. Read on DR.Oogle
First, I need to preface the fact that I have a very severe case of dental phobia so writing this review says a LOT about how sensitive yet precise Dr. Dayani has been with catering to my needs. It turns out I had a complicated root canal situation and he was able to take me in right away. He was empathetic and very professional and you could just trust that he really cared and wanted to make it perfect. He didn't rush me but instead answered all my questions thoroughly and they call you multiple times to follow up with how you're feeling. I found this very helpful since I'm pretty curious about every little thing that crosses my mind. I will be recommending him to everyone I know! Also, the facilities are clean and spacious which is always a plus.
He is great helpful quick and painless if i ever need a root canal again he will be my first and only choice Read on DR.Oogle
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