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Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
36 W 44th St. New York, NY
Endodontics, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Rehabilitation of New York City
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4.9 661 reviews
4.9 661 reviews
I have had to work over many years to bring my anxiety levels down, and had a hard time even booking an appt for emergency root canal. My spouse eventually took care of booking me, with a same day appt. Dr Dayani and his lovely staff provided me with the best dentist experience i have ever had - patient, slow, careful, informative and supportive. I will definitely return for my next needed but not yet emergency level issues. Read on RateMDs
I generally hate going to dentists (which might explain why my mouth is such a wreck), but my experience with Dr. Dayani was so unusual that I feel like leaving a review. He was so kind and gentle and patient. He performed a complex root canal retreatment for me that my general dentist was really impressed with (something about a fourth canal or something). What was the most important thing to me was that he saved my tooth when my general dentists told me it probably couldnt be saved. Thank you so much Dr. Dayani! Read on RateMDs
Dr. Dayani was super patient in explaining all my treatment options to me, which really helped me make an informed decision. His staff was kind and helpful with respect to an insurance problem that came up and the root canal itself was completely painless. Highly recommend him! I have already shared his name with a good friend of mine who is having tooth pain. Read on RateMDs
Great Doctor, great practice. I have been seeing dr Dayani for 3 years now and my issues are always addressed Read on RateMDs
Dr. Nima Dayani "Dr. Nima" is AMAZING! I went to see him for issues in two teeth: one was feeling very cold sensitive; the other was sending shocking pain every time I chewed on it. And to make matters worst, neither my Genral dentist nor myself could pinpoint which teeth were problematic. So my dentist referred me to Dr. Nima. He accepted me as an emergency and saw me right away. Dr. Nima focused on the problem right away. He spent a long time examining me. After a very in depth exam, using a giant microscope and tests that I had never had, he found the offending tooth!!! Within minutes, I was so numb that I couldn't feel a thing. When I left the office i had so much LESS pain than when I had arrived. He is Da BEST!!! I mean the guy knows so much more than a regular dentist. Dr. Nima's assistant, Annie, was very kind, helpful, and cheerful. I have to admit that I love Dr. Nima!!! I know, it was only my first visit, and god willing my last to him (the guy only does root canals) but I have already referred my coworker who has a terrible phobia of dentists to him. So, like I said, I love Dr. Nima! Read on RateMDs
I recommend Dr. Dayani he did two apicoactomies on two teeth and I have great success. Thanks Dr. Dayani Read on RateMDs
Nicole P.
I am on vacation in New York City with my family and found myself having pain after midnight. Doctor called me first thing in the morning got me in and got me taken care of within 2 hours. He was reassuring and positive very professional. I have anxiety and I never once was worried when I was in the office. I would give him my highest recommendation on any day and I am just sad that he is not in my hometown. Please choose him for any of your endodontic needs
Koto Y.
Whoa, I don't know the reason for the Yelp warning, but it looks to be personal (sixty 5-star reviews all cloaked by Yelp and then a handful of mostly semi-literate 1-stars all upvoted by "Christopher T and 56 others"--whaaa? Must the infamous Yelp shakedown pros, yes?) Anyway, my dentist sent me to a periodontist for an opinion on whether I needed a root canal or an implant. Yeah, he sent me to a gum specialist on a tooth matter. So I walked out and made an appt w/ Dr. Dayani, who had done a wonderful job on different tooth six months ago.  Same pristine office,  same calm and ultra-precise demeanor. He gave me a concise and realistic assessment of both courses of action, and let me decide, and answered all my "what if" questions. I appreciate the clarity, esp. since he doesn't stand to profit from either procedure.     Oh, and his staff called my insurance company and found out the consult was indeed covered (the perio had said it wasn't and wanted his fee up front). Nice to have Dr. D. on my side.
Called in with an emergency in the morning. I was in their office shortly after. Everything was taken care of quickly and I was on the way out soon after. Can't be happier. Read on RateMDs
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